“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate the incredible work you do for those I send to you. My patients have provided glowing feedback using words such as “wonderful” “nurturing,” “supportive” and “welcoming” to describe their interactions and the care provided.

  • Local Nurse Practitoner Kim Tocco, N.P.


“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the work you do to change the lives of others. Before treatment I was living a very negative lifestyle full of impulsive decisions. During my time in therapy I have learned so many valuable life skills . The Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills have taught me a reason to go on living and that I can have a good life.”

  • Andrea L


“ I came in desperate and broken and leaving illuminated with optimism. You have restored my courage. Thank you.”

  • Lashonda S


“Thanks so much for all your help and support. I’ve learned a lot of coping skills. I am doing so much better than when I first started treatment.”

  • Marshall M


“I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Please tell everyone that Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is life changing and life saving!

  • Mary T


“Christine has been such a bright spot in my therapy journey. She has made me feel welcomed with open arms at a time I needed it the most.”

  • Bailey M.


“Christine Hilton is extremely caring, competent and compassionate. She has an extremely solid foundation as a clinician. Christine is an expert in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She has facilitated group sessions for decades. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a therapist.”

  • Local therapist and wellness retreat facilitator Marla Ruhana, LMSW


* To protect privacy actual client names have been changed.

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