When you feel like you are losing focus, starting to feel depressed and anxious, or wanting to give up, it’s best to get help from a psychotherapist. There is no shame in scheduling a therapy session with a professional who can help you come out of the situation and change your life.

Effective therapy can be extremely worthwhile for many and critically necessary for some. The brain is an organ, and like other organs requires qualified medical attention. Therapy can help you manage life’s challenges and improve your quality of life. It can help you understand what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and how to cope.

I am ready to help you regardless of who you are or what your story is. My therapy sessions are designed to offer empathy and provide you with tools to rise, overcome, and thrive. Using my extensive experience and training, I will partner with you to help you overcome the mental health challenges that have been troubling you. I will determine your needs and strategize the therapy sessions in a way that guarantees a positive outcome.

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Skills Coaching

Are you facing difficulties coping with challenging situations in life.?Do you find yourself in intensely emotional situations? Does your life seem out of balance? Are you looking to boost your confidence or stand up for yourself? Not everyone needs individual therapy. Many of these challenges could benefit from focused coping skills coaching. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) coping skills are skills for everyone. These core skills include Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. My DBT coping skills coaching sessions are designed to promote coping skills generalization to your day to day life through evidenced based strategies. Let me teach you to build the life you want.

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Mental Health Resource Support

It’s not easy to know which mental health care is the right care for you and your loved ones. You often need guidance to navigate through the complex mental health system.

As an experienced psychotherapist and psychiatric social worker, I can help you navigate this complicated system. I am here to teach you about the options available and the best ways to access the level of care that is needed. A consult with me will get you on the right path to finding the right resources. Hope and help is available.

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